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Hide overflow in "Our Team" section


  • sportbilly9323 started the conversation

    How can I get the homepage block of the "Our Team" Member Gallery to hide the overflow so that it never shows a partial thumbnail?

    This functionality seems to work fine on the page in isolation (http://jesterlind.com/ekginc/team/) but not on the homepage. I am only really concerned with the way it shows up on the home page. 


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    Joe replied

    The homepage section should look exactly like the team page. It seems as though your HTML structure on your homepage is modified somehow and throwing off the width of your sections. The "container" class/div is missing from all of your sections on the homepage. You may have an HTML error within one or more of your pages, or an unclosed shortcode within a page somewhere. Please check over each of your pages (that are displayed on the homepage) for any of these errors. You can start by disabling the display of pages from the menu screen and then re-enable one-by-one to see which section may be causing the issue.

    You can see that this does not happen on the preview site https://wordpress.metaphorcreations.com/apex/