Important ZEN Update!

ZEN Responsive WordPress Theme

In order to prevent any conflicts with themes called ZEN that may reside on the wordpress.org repository we have chosen to rename the directory of our ZEN theme. Previously our directory was simply name "zen". In order to prevent update conflicts with any other themes of the same name we have renamed our theme's directory to "digitalscience-zen".

Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically update your theme to this new directory. You will need to re-download your ZEN theme from your downloads page on ThemeForest and go through the normal install/activation process.

You will not have to worry about losing any data or settings for your site. But, you will need to navigate to your Dashboard > Appearance > Menus page and re-check (and save) the Main Menu (Theme Location) at the bottom of your Main Menu. This is required any time you switch a theme or activate a child theme.

It is also possible that your widgets may be removed from your widget areas, but your populated widgets will still be available in the Inactive Widgets area on your widgets page. If this happens, you will need to drag the your widgets back into the appropriate widget area.

Child Themes

If you are currently using a child theme with ZEN you will need to complete one additional step. Using an FTP editor, navigate to your child theme's directory and open/edit the style.css file. You will see a line near the top of the file that looks like:

Template: zen

This tells the WordPress which "parent" theme to use with the child theme. Since we have now modified the directory name of ZEN, you will have to modify this line to:

Template: digitalscience-zen

Make sure to save this file. Additionally (if you see issues on your front-end after adjusting this) you may need to go into your Dashboard > Appearance > Themes page and activate the main ZEN theme briefly. Then you should be able to re-activate your custom Child theme.

Sorry for this unexpected inconvenience. Once you have your ZEN theme updated to the new directory structure we should not have to worry about running into any theme update conflicts.

Thanks again for your purchase!